Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara

Mascara is an essential makeup item that I can’t live without 😊

Although it feels like a small touch-up item, it actually has a huge impact on your look.

I tried the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara for the first time when I received it in a VoxBox. I immediately fell in love with it and it became a must in my collection.

This mascara is very intense. I apply one layer on “no makeup” days and it gives a great dimension to my eyes while still looking very natural. When I’m wearing makeup I apply multiple layers and it gives strength and length with a little curl to my lashes. Most important is that it doesn’t create lumps nor stick the lashes together.

It’s waterproof, yet can be easily removed with eye makeup remover without leaving any residue.

I’m very happy I had the chance to try it and I’m confident I’ll be buying it again. Highly recommended 😉

P.s. I received this mascara complimentary in a VoxBox campaign by Influenster and Marc Jacobs for try and test purposes

My second MaxFactor VoxBox – The Eye Studio

Hello there!

So, I was one of the lucky few to receive the second VoxBox by Influenster Middle East in collaboration with MaxFactor, this time though is the Eye Studio Collection.

My first impression when I opened the box was that these products truly look luxurious. The box was filled with everything you need to create Eye looks from day to night to date night to even party nights!

The first and most frequent products I used were the eyeliner and the mascara. The Eyeliner is an intense black long lasting waterproof liner. The tip is hard and easily glides to create a stunning finish. The Mascara is also waterproof and creates false lash effect when applied in layers. I loved these products and I would surely buy them when I run out.

The third product in the box is the Brow Shaper. The color is a perfect match for my brows and on the other end there’s a brow brush. This is another product that I used often to define my brows and I loved it.

The forth product is the Brow Contouring Kit. The colors are intense and rich, there is a guideline on the back of the package which helped me know how to apply.

Next are 2 Eyeshadow palettes, Nude and Rose Nude. A beautiful range of colors which you can use to create so many looks using different combinations. There are matte ones and shimmery ones. Pigment is not very high, however it’s buildable. I loved the finish and I would recommend these palettes.

Below is a photo of how I applied the products, hope you like it 😊 I would love to hear your feedback if you used any of these MaxFactor products.

P.s. all products in the photo were received for free for review purposes as part of Influenster Middle East contest

My Max Factor Pro Color Correcting Experience

It’s been about a month since I received the Max Factor Arabia VoxBox through InfluensterME. As you can see in the photo below, the box contains 3 color correctors, a foundation, 2 Pan Stiks and a blush.

The 3 color correctors are pink, light yellow and green color. The pink is used to cover dark spots, the yellow to correct under eye area and green for redness. Before receiving this box through InfluensterME, I already owned the green and the pink correctors so I am familiar with them. They are in a shape of coloring pencils which makes application super easy, you don’t need to sharpen them also as they come with a rotator so whenever it goes low you twist the bottom and you get more of the product 🙂 after applying the color correctors on my skin I tried blending them with a brush and with a blender. I felt that the blending process was much easier with the blender so I truly recommend that. My favorite color corrector of all is the green one since I have redness around my nose and on top of my cheeks I use the green one most.

With regards to the foundation, the consistency of the product is very nice and it blends nicely on top of the correctors. It gives low to medium coverage which is perfect for me as I am not a full coverage person.

And now the fun part 🙂 the Pan Stiks… these sticks can be used as foundation and to contour/highlight. The sticks glide perfectly on the skin and blend nicely using the beauty blender. Afterwards I applied the blusher which transformed and complemented my look keeping it looking natural>

Overall, I am very happy with the products I received in this box. The quality is very good and they are relatively pocket friendly

P.S. All the products were received for free via InfluensterME for testing purposes.